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Peppino from Endicott, NY

This is Peppino, we got him from you in February. He's a very good doggie and well loved.

Belladonna from Stony Creek, NY

Hi Diane! I thought that you might be interested in knowing how sweet Bella (entledoodle, adopted in June of 2022) is doing. She is the happiest, spunkiest, and cuddliest dog ever. She has completely come out of her shy shell, and loves meeting new animals and people, chasing squirrels, stomping in the creek, and running and playing. When she isn't doing those things, she can be found cuddling someone in the house (usually me, but she does make sure to complete her household cuddle rounds). She is still occasionally starring in articles (, too 🙂 Attached are some recent photos of her. Thank you again - I can't imagine my family without this sweet girl, and am so glad that she is part of our family now! Best, MB

Zeppole the Bernedoodle from Huntington Station, NY

Hi Diane,
I just wanted to give you an update since we are coming up on Zeppole’s 1st birthday tomorrow! He has been the best addition to our family. He’s the sweetest boy. He loves everyone and everything and they love him back! Thank you again for bringing this sweet soul to our family!

Gina from Rome, NY

Diane, I have to tell you we are soooo in love with this boy. He appears to be fully potty trained and tells us when he has to go, he’s holding his own with Luna and she with him, he’s got just the right amount of mischief in him and now knows to Sit so he can get his treats for going potty outside or to get his kibble. We are working a bit on separation anxiety, from me that is. I would assume it’s because he is with me most of the time as I work from home so he doesn’t have a lot of patience when mama walks away from him, or past the crate or doesn’t stand right outside with him when I’m freezing and try to stand in breezeway instead but the amount of love we have for him already is amazing. Like he’s always been here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ��

Guapo the Bernedoodle from Metuchen, NJ

Hi Diane! I hope you are well. I just wanted to send you an update on Guapo from the December 2021 litter. He’s about 65 lbs of lovable fluff. His trainer says he has a great temperament and I get stopped on walks all the time by people telling me how handsome he is. Thank you so much!

Roxie (Entledoodle) from Albany, NY

Roxie Rose is a blessing and we both love her dearly. I wish I got both of them ,I feel she could use a mate. But my wife isn't ready to hear it right now. Hahahaha. Roxie just had her final vaccine and is scheduled to be spay in November. Thanks again, Gina

Nellie from Pleasantville, NY

Working with Diane at Bella Bernedoodles was a delight. I was confident that she cared about the puppies and wanted the best fit for me and the puppy. My puppy Nellie is sweet, confident and a wonderful companion. Her exuberance and curiosity makes me smile every day.

Bella (Entledoodle) from Stoney Creek, NY

Bella (short for Belladonna) has beautifully fit into our family. She spends most of her time switching between playing and cuddling with her older sister (Sig the Shollie) and the two-legged members of our family. Bella has the sweetest disposition and isn't afraid to let her spunky side show when she wants to go on walks, hike with me, or play outside. I can't imagine our family without her! Thank you, Diane 🙂

Molly from Ringwood, NJ

I hope summer is treating you well. Molly has grown to about 24 lbs and has longish legs for her size. She's got a very friendly disposition. She's also very smart and a bit rambunctious still. It will be easier when she grows up a bit more. She gets a lot of walks during the day as well as having a large back yard to run around in. She made friends with a 1.5 year old beagle a few houses down from where I live and they love playing together.

Bodie from Greenwich, CT

Hi Diane !! Our Bodie ( standard size bernedoodle born dec 7 or 9 2020 adopted by us from you in feb of 2021) is doing awesome . He is 70 and the most loving dog - he has an awesome personality . Loves running in the woods, snuggling with us, playing with other dogs. Anyway - I met a family and we think their dog is from the same liter . They got the dog from you too and theirs is 82 pounds- the dogs look identical. Hope you are doing well !! Best - Susan PS: The Brother is Sailor who is on the Testimonial page!

Winston (Entledoodle) from NY

Winston is a joy for our family. He is smart, funny and growing by leaps and bounds. He loves to play with his many dog friends, and also loves to snuggle with his people. He loves the snow, has become a great leash walker and is easy to train. He loves everyone he meets but also has just learned how to use his big boy "voice" if he thinks he needs to alert us to a danger ? A great addition to our family. I hope his siblings are all as happy and joyful as he is!

Bentley (Entledoodle) from VT

So difficult to get him to pose! He is a great little guy and we all love him very much. He is a wonderful addition to our tiny family! He is the typical puppy, into everything and loves to explore! He sits, shakes hands, knows his name (but sometimes has selective hearing). He is turning into quite a cuddler and loves to be held and gets kisses. He was sleeping the entire night after the first week. I do watch the schnauzers...they seem to get rough at times. But then I catch him chasing them and hanging on their mustaches! He plays hard and fortunately for me, takes long naps! I do want to begin him in obedience as soon as I can. He certainly gets the compliments!

Emily & John

We are celebrating Sailor’s first birthday today and what a joy he is in our lives!!!! Thank you for allowing us to adopt him Feb. 13, 2021. Besides calling him the “Love Sponge”, we also call him  “The Beaver Dog”.  We’ve never seen a dog pick up not only sticks but logs and chew on them!!!   We hope you and your family are well.  Merry Christmas and thank you for making our lives so joyous with our Sailor. Emily and John

Millie from CT

Millie is such a nice addition to our family. She is very playful, smart, and loves to snuggle. Her favorite thing to do is play ball. She was also so easy to train! We have a video to send you sometime of her latest trick  She pushes buttons to tell us if she wants to play, chase a ball, go potty, or outside. She constantly pushes the ball button 
Take care, Marissa and Kacey

Maggie & Audrey

It's always so nice to hear from you!  The girls are doing great - Maggie weighs almost as much as Audrey, and she is almost as tall already at only 5 months!  Maggie is such a gentle, sweet, quiet pup, and Audrey is a maniac full of energy all the time.  We're hoping she becomes more like the little one! We don't have too many pics as it's hard to catch them both standing still for more than a second!  We are in the process of moving this weekend, but we will try to get a photo shoot together at the new house, and get some photos to you soon! All the best, Linda

Floki from Lincoln, MA

"We've had our puppy for almost three months and he is fantastic! Sweet, friendly, playful, and smart--exactly what we had hoped for. Working with Diane has been a pleasure. From the very first call, she told us exactly what and when to expect. Diane was very clear--it is not possible to accurately predict litter timing and sizes. She told me that it would be approximately 8-12 months till a puppy would likely be available--and it ended up being ten months. Diane kept us informed every step of the way--having such an experienced, reliable breeder has been a great experience. I've attached a few pictures--he's a big guy now!
Thank you so much--Floki has brought so much joy into our lives! Take care, Richard

Sailor from Greenwich, CT

We are thrilled with Sailor.  He has the most wonderful personality and disposition!  His is very calm, loving, doesn't chase after people or other animals. He is very energetic when he wants to be; when playing with our son's 5 year old female shepherd mix. Sailor is really smart and picks up quickly on basic commands.  Housebreaking is going quite well also.  John nick named Sailor the" Love Sponge". You chose the right puppy for us...By the way he is now 40 pounds! We love him so much and look forward to many happy years with him. With Gratitude for our fabulous new family member, Sailor, Emily and John

Maceo from South Orange, NJ

I hope this email finds you well.  A quick email to say hello and let you know that Maceo is doing well.  He had his first groom, is fully vaccinated and growing.  He loves playing catch with tennis balls and running around the backyard.  He has discovered his “voice,” barking every now and again.  Stay well, Eboneé and Miles

Cookie from Utica, NY

My Cookie is over 6 months now and 51 lbs. she is the best thing that has happened to me in awhile. She’s so smart and obeys every command. She loves all dogs especially her “sister “ Arya.  She walks like a dream and never leaves my side. I just wanted to update you so you realize how you impact others lives with what you do. Hope all is well and I’ll check back in around Christmas! Linda


I was only thinking of you last week and planned to send you an update on Rossie. He is doing great! He really is the sweetest boy and we are so happy with him!! His temperament is amazing, he was a dream to train and he really has become a cherished member of our family! We are looking forward to introducing him to the grandparents when they hopefully visit - but he’s a regular feature on our family FaceTimes. We are so grateful we found you and brought Rossie into our lives, we simply can’t imagine life without him.
Hi Diane,
I hope you and your family are well and looking forward to the holidays!! I wanted to share some pics of Rossie as we celebrate two years of having him in our life 🙂 he’s just the best dog and we love him dearly, couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Thank you again for giving us such an incredible gift!Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Kind regards,

Cooper from New Jersey

We are very pleased with our experience with BellaBernedoodles.  We have a wonderful new addition to our home and we couldn't be happier.  Cooper is very good with the kids and is very well behaved despite his frequent happy-tinkles each time Mommy comes home from work.  Everywhere we go. everyone comments how wonderful he is and how they can get one.  We are all so glad we made the decision to get a new pup from BellaBernedoodles.  Thanks Diane. The Odian's from New Jersey

Mini from Franklin, Massachusetts

We are so in love with the new addition to our family! Marley is a sweet, playful, lovable and smart pup! She is our first family pet and has been so easy to train. Diane is a responsive and knowledgeable breeder.  She was very helpful in giving us tips to train and raise a healthy dog. Diane was great in placing the right pup for our family's active lifestyle. We can't wait to get another puppy in a few years from Bella Bernedoodles! Marissa in Massachusetts

Charlie from Brighton, MA

Attached is a picture of our gorgeous girl Charlie   You never know what you can expect buying a dog from a breeder and this was a great experience.  It was not overwhelming with too much information. As long as we were patient the puppy was coming!  We never could have expected a dog as loving and sweet as Charlie is.  I suspect you raise very smart dogs that you breed with because our puppy trainer was actually shocked at how fast and well trained Charlie is at 5 months old! I hope you enjoy summer!  Charlie is a snow lover but is starting to enjoy smelling the roses.

Leo from Lexington, MA

Our puppy Leo is a sweetheart, and while we did have to wait a while to get him, he was absolutely worth the wait! He's a healthy and happy little puppy, and when we picked him up at the farm, it was clear that he'd been raised in a great environment with lots of space to run around. We also really appreciated that Diane matched us with our puppy based on temperament, rather than letting someone just pay extra for the "pick of the litter." We would certainly recommend working with Diane if you're looking to add a bernedoodle to your family! Anna

Lulu from Granby, MA

Her name is Uma Hallelujah Babette Enho Scudder, I call her LuLu, or Lujah, Papoolio, PooPa…She lives with 5 cats, who she loves and snuggles with, and lies on top of and pounces on. The cats are quite forgiving or give her a yowl or a swat. They often sleep next each other on the bed. She has a hilarious sense of humor and can read me with exquisite perception. She loves her toys and romping out in the woods on a walk. She is exceptional company and my best friend.

Ivan from Manhasset, NY

Ivan is now practically all white...beautiful and fluffy and curly. Everyone loves seeing him.  No shedding! So he did in fact fade as I had asked you about at some point after reading about the potential for that. What I read is that the fader gene comes from the father. Ivan is such a sweet and smart boy and is very attached to me.  I am so blessed and happy to have him. Charlie or I take him to the dog park everyday, even in the cold weather, where he plays so well with all the dogs.  There are a lot of doodles around and they all get along.  He definitely is a cold weather dog because he slows down when the temperature goes up. I don't know where all my recent photos of him went, even in the snow, after  I was unloading them from my phone to provide more space.  As soon as I find them, I will send them to you.  Or I will take a picture. Simple as that! Best, Nancy

Willow from Camden, NY

Our mini Bernedoodle, Willow, has brought so much joy to our family.  She has so much personality, she is very smart, and she is a tireless companion and walking partner.  Life would not be the same without her.  Thank you, Diane, for checking in on her. Mary Lou

Louie from Upper Clairmont, NJ

Louie is the cutest most loving dog and has been a great addition to our family. Brian

Mila from Hoboken, NJ

Diane is an incredibly caring and respectful breeder, who was incredible to work with. She was very forthright about timeline, costs, and her process. When we got the phone call that we would be getting a puppy, we were ecstatic. She was communicative, and sent us weekly pics of the pups. Milo (our F1B Mini Bernedoodle) is a loving, playful, and outgoing puppy who possesses great temperament and is all around a joy to have in the house and around others. We love our pup. Nick & Michelle. Hoboken, NJ

Luna from Lebanon, NJ

We got our precious Luna just in time for Christmas.  She is a beautiful, sweet and energetic puppy and we couldn't be happier! Thanks, Sean

Miles from Upper Saddle River, NJ

Miles (Rory) is an amazing dog and every one in the family loves him and loves everyone back!  A very smart trainable dog that is gentle and happy in general. Never barks unless he sees strangers, which is his way of protecting us! Just a wonderful, wonderful dog in every way that quickly saw himself as part of the family!

Stella from Hillsborough, NJ

Thank you so much for being prompt in your response that you had a puppy for us! It was the perfect Valentines Day present for our family! Stella is blossoming like a flower! She is  five months old and is 30 lbs! She is the sweetest little girl who loves snuggles and loves to play ball with our daughter. She is best friends with our Corgi Jones! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You have blessed our home with a wonderful Bernedoodle. All the best, Jenna, Will, Lindsey and Jones and Stella

Milo from Long Island, NY

I hope you’re doing well! We got Milo his first haircut a few weeks ago and just wanted to share how handsome he is! He is truly the best puppy ever - everyone tells us how beautiful and well behaved he is. He’s almost 20 pounds. We couldn’t love him more!

Ella from Wilbraham, MA

My mom Paula asked me to send this to you for pictures for the website. Sending you pictures of Ella just wanted to let you know she is doing great! We could not have asked for a better puppy. We love her so much!