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An Entledoodle is a cross between an Entlebucher Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle. An Entlebucher Mountain dog is the smallest of the Mountain dogs. The Entledoodle does not shed and their temperament is similar to a Bernedoodle.  However, in our opinion they are as awesome as our Bernedoodles.

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Read about Bella the Entledoodle
from Bella Bernedoodles featured
in an article in Adirondack Almanack.

Meet my hiking buddy, Bella (short for Belladonna). Bella is an entledoodle, or the offspring of an Entlebucher Mountain Dog and a mini-poodle. If you had not previously heard of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, you are not alone! They are in the same family as Bernese Mountain Dogs, but are the smallest of the breeds within that family. When crossed with the hypoallergenic mini-poodle, what are produced are adorable, intelligent, compact, herding/hunting, mountain-scrambling, active, non-shedding, fun-and-cuddle-loving, loyal puppies.

For someone who has typically had larger dogs in the home, having what I consider to be a small dog (she is around 22 pounds), is very different. When my kiddos were younger, our house was full of the baying, barking, and fur of a very happy and active German Shepherd/Border Collie mix (Sig), German Shorthaired Pointer (Sir Galahad), Treeing Walker Coonhound (Babe), and my son’s therapy dog, who was a Rescue Dog, Origins Unknown (Zorro). Those dogs shed their fur (a lot), did not like to go on hikes (at all), and were happier chasing squirrels than playing fetch. Read More at Adirondack Almanack